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So I'm trying to put it right,

'cause I want to love you with my heart

Emmeline K. Vance
9 October 1960
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Emmeline K. Vance

{ Character Information }
Name: Emmeline Kristine Vance
Age: 17
House: Ravenclaw
Year: 7th

{ Appearance }
Emmeline's hair is a little past shoulder length, with big brown eyes. She is 5'8" with a lithe frame, that people often think she's a dancer, however fate usually proves them wrong, and she’ll collide with something, be it another person, or a tin can. She has a warm smile and a friendly face, which is often smiling.

{ Personality }
Emmeline has a naturally calm state of mind and can normally be found reading in the courtyard. She is a fun loving and caring person, who often prefers not to get involved in the on going drama and politics both in and outside of school. She is kind to new people naturally, but it takes quite sometime for her to truly trust someone completely.

She takes her studies seriously, but since it comes naturally to her is impartial to skipping a day here and there, for a good reason. She’s is naturally a quick reader which allows her to get her reading done, but she has to force herself to slow down when she reads for enjoyment. Her favorite season is autumn the colors of the leaves calms her as the school year starts off, rather chaotically. She can often be found outside reading, under the trees, or twirling around as the leaves fall to the ground before the snow comes.

Emmeline is a loyal friend and confidant, and is always willing to listen to anyone who needs a friend or to talk in general friend or not. Although she isn’t one to partake in name calling, or take sides when it comes to political arguments about blood purity, she will stand her own if provoked.

She is in the Hogwarts choir often staying longer to work on her vocal skills. Anything she does she does to the best of her power and ability, never willing to settle for anything but her best. Once she has however, she won’t always continue to do so, many things she doesn’t enjoy taking up too much of her time and effort.

{ History }
Emmeline was born in October on the 9th, which is makes her love of the autumn more understandably. She was born from a Muggle father and a witch mother who was born to a Muggle family. She has a younger brother, Sammy who is four years behind her in Hufflepuff. Her parents make a moderate living, her mother owing her own book store and café which during the summer she works at. While her father is a doctor in a nearby hospital.

She was sorted into Hufflepuff when she started her time at Hogwarts, her love for learning and quiet nature making her fit in quite well. She excelled particularly at Charms and Defense against the Dark Arts. Although not much for playing Quidditch, she can be heard from the stands when Hufflepuff is playing a match, her enthusiasm matched by very few if any. As quite as she may be most have learned that she has quite a set of lungs on her.

Her parents raised both of their children in Devonshire. As a child she played many games with her family, her father particularly. After a family vacation to Cornwall where her father took her to Trevelgue Head, on the cliffs. After that trip she and her father took trips whenever his schedule allowed it. She loved the rich history and stories that went the stone and the in many times ruins. She often wore long skirts on their trips, insisting to skip around the castle, her father would take her hand and pretend to introduce her to the ’other royals’.

In other words, she has a vivid imagination.

{ OOC Information }
Your Name: Toves
Your Age: 20
Contact Info: p3gurl2005 (yahoo) baddtoby (aim) baddtoby@gmail.com
PB: Anne Hathaway